Feature your team and/or sponsors in a custom Team Banner.   Our banners are heavy-duty, outdoor rated to last in all weather conditions.  We apply anti-curl perimeter tape and finish with grommets for easy hanging.

Sample Sizes & Prices:

  • 8’x4′ = 32 sqft = $192
  • 7’x4′ = 28 sq ft = $168
  • 6’x4′ = 24 sq ft = $144
  • 7’x3′ = 21 sq ft = $126
  • 6’x2.5′ = 15 sq ft = $90

Although we do general design & layout work for free, for banners involving a lot of design time (individual player cut outs), there is a flat $50 design fee on top of the finished banner.

If you are looking for a custom team banner, please provide the following information for us:

  • Final Dimensions of the finished banner you want
  • If you want player photos, we would need a collection of high resolution photos of all the players individually taken on a green or white background.
  • A rough sketch of the “order” of the players you want to appear left to right
  • Any type of general background image you might like (baseball diamond, fire, lighnting, etc.)
  • Whether or not you want their names/numbers?
  • All of the sponsor logos (ideally in a “vector” format such as EPS, SVG, PDF, or AI file).  Most businesses should be able to supply this to you.  In a worst case, we can try to source or recreate a logo if the business does not have one on file.
  • Main Team Logo (“Fusion”, etc.) in a vector format.  We do have some of these on file.

Depending on the complexity of the design, it can take upwards of 2 weeks to complete the finished design.  Once the design is approved, production takes 24-48 hours.