T-Shirt Printing Evolved

Experience our latest toy:  a Direct-to-Garment printer capable of creating commerical quality prints with no minimum order,

As the name implies, direct to garment uses ink to print directly onto the fabric or item of your choice. It goes straight into the fibres of the fabric, meaning you don’t feel the design or ink when you touch it..


Our technology allows us to print directly to the shirt in less than 5 minutes with a result equal in quality & durability to traditional screen printing


With DTG, we can print a single colour or millions at no price difference unlike traditional screen printing which limits your total number of colours.  From logos to photos, what you see on screen if what you get.


Unlike traditional screen printing, we are able to provide shirts with no minimum order.  So whether you need a one-off, or you’re outfitting an entire team, we are up for the challenge.


Bring us your blank shirt of choice, and we will print directly to it, in less than 5 minutes.  Need a lot? For large orders, we can order blank shirts from our distributor.

Light Shirts


* Shirt must be supplied.  For large quantities, contact us for pricing.
* Cost is for single sided print

Dark Shirts


* Shirt must be supplied. For large quantities, contact us for pricing.
* Cost is for single sided print

** For orders of 10 or more shirts, we are able to provide pricing on a bulk order of blank shirts.  Contact us for more information.

Contact us for More Details on Shirt Printing